In how we look
In how we act
In what we say
And how we say it
In what we do
In what we don’t do
In the way we treat others
In the way we conduct ourselves
It’s who we are
It’s what others need to see us be
It’s who we need to be


In our dealings
In our ambitions
With ourselves
With others
In our work
At the job site
In the yard
On the road
On our off time
On our on time
And in between time
At all times


In our attitude
In our thinking
In what we do
In what we say
In what we work on
In what we focus on
At the work place
In our abilities
In our learning
In our job skills
In our performance
In our professionalism
In who we are


For the job at hand
Seeing the big picture
Aware of the time
Knowing the needs
And the importance
To do the right thing
For the right reasons
To learn
To know
To grow
To understand
To be efficient
To be consistent


In our thinking
In our actions
At the yard
On our properties
On the road
Always on our minds
At all times
Knowing the urgency
With all things
Under all situations
Under all conditions