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Liberty Landscaping first acquires residence at its Central Riverside Location. This space will eventually become the beating heart of the company.


After gaining momentum, several Landscape Development Contracts propel Liberty further into the Landscape Development Sector, creating a much more versatile workforce.


Liberty creates Evolution Tree Service to meet the needs of its customers. The Tree Division is eventually integrated into the company, becoming Liberty Tree Care.


Having garnered a successful foothold in the Apartment Complex sector, Liberty turns its eye towards developing its Commercial and Governmental Landscape Divisions.


Liberty Landscaping was founded by Alejandro Casillas in 1997 as a close-knit, family-run business. Since its inception, the company has prided itself on delivering superior quality with exceptional customer service. Over the years, our company has grown from five employees to over 200, serving properties from the Pacific Coast Highway to the San Francisco Bay. We now have several office locations, such as Riverside, Orange County, and San Diego, to name a few.

As the company has expanded, so to have our services. In 2004, the company added Evolution Tree Service as a separate arm of our services. Over time, Evolution was absorbed and is now known as Liberty Tree Care.

As with success, so too come hurdles. As our company continues to expand, our commitment to quality has never been more essential. Thus, we move forward, holding on to our values and heritage, ensuring that we are always delivering nothing less than perfection.